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ADGA & AGS Registered

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Breed Standard

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Rollin' Hill's Farm 

Does & Bucks

Rollin' Hill's Farm Nigerian Dwarf Does

Pictured: WGF Summer Rain 1*M VVVE87

Rollin' Hill's Farm Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

Pictured: GCH Sycamore SS MG Trace *B*S. VEE90

Nigerian Dwarf does are at least 17 inches tall and may be no taller than 22.5 inches. Bucks are also at least 17 inches tall and no taller than 23.5 inches. While there is no weight requirement, 75 pounds is an average weight.

Many color combinations are common, the ears are of medium length and erect, and the bridge of the nose is either straight or dished. The hair is short and fine.

The Nigerian Dwarf was also developed in the United States and is the only miniature dairy goat breed registered by the American Dairy Goat Association.

Although a small goat, the Nigerian Dwarf doe produces a proportionate quantity of milk with high butterfat.


- ADGA Breed Standard -

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