Standard Goats

ADGA Registered Alpines & Toggenburgs

ADGA Breed Standard Alpine

Alpine does are at least 30 inches tall and weigh 135 pounds while bucks are at least 32 inches tall and weigh 170 pounds.

They have erect ears and come in many colors and color combinations. The hair is medium to short and the bridge of the nose is straight.

The Alpine is known for being a hardy, adaptable animal that thrives in any climate while maintaining good health and excellent production.



- ADGA Alpine Breed Standard -

ADGA Breed Standard Toggenburg

Toggenburg does are at least 26 inches tall and weigh 120 pounds while bucks are at least 28 inches tall and weigh 150 pounds.

Hair color is solid, varying from light fawn to dark chocolate with correct white or cream markings. Does may be black with correct white or cream markings.

The ears are erect and carried forward. The bridge of the nose may be straight or dished.

Toggenburgs were among the first purebred dairy goats to be imported into the United States and registered.



- ADGA Alpine Breed Standard -

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Does & Bucks

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Pictured: Ric-Rac Magic Star


Pictured: Sunrising Zemire Winchester